Sunday, April 15, 2007

a trip to the arch

we took the kids to the arch saturday. it was a lot of fun. it was a bit challenging to get to the arch, though. after leaving the marathon expo at the Adam's Mark, we braved gale force winds and rain to cross the Jefferson Memorial to get to the arch entrance. then we were subjected to an airport-like search. jeez, war on terror in our everyday lives, for sure.

next, we watched the movie about the building of the arch. poops really enjoyed the movie, and let the audience know it. if you were one of the patrons in the theater who missed a little of the audio, sorry. i loved it. come to find out, papa Z was on that project nearly every day. it seems he and grandma had a lot of their early dates down at the worksite.

the little elevator ride was cool. i've always thought the tram cars were like little eggs. i did have to stop my mind from straying from things like being stuck on that thing. i think i'd lose my mind.

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