Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ah, the life

finally, we got a trailer for poops to ride in so he could enjoy the kakouris family training rides like we all do. it took a while to get it all set up, so hanna pushed on the pump and eli laughed when the air came out of the hose. hey, anything to keep him happy, right?
his happiness did not last long, however. he was crabby with a capital C. i led the family off of our street and down to the river desperes trail, poops screaming bloody murder all the way. miraculously, the crying stopped and he was asleep!
i took it easy on the bumps so as not to wake the sleeping monster. we rode down to watson, then back to gravois, up through new st. marcus cemetary, then toward home. it was warm and windy, and the kids seem to enjoy themselves. hanna was a bit lukewarm about the idea, but girls will be girls, i guess. poops awoke and started in again, so we were lucky to be close to home.
maiden voyage, a few problems, but hopefully we will get this down so poops has more fun.

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