Wednesday, April 04, 2007

movies and accidents

saturday night, after a full day of festivities, the five of us were anxious to get out of the house. poops was in a bad way, so we figured a movie would either entertain him or put him to sleep.

we were cutting the time a bit close, but it looked like we would make the 6:50 showing of 'meet the robinsons'. at least until we got rear-ended by a piece of poop escort zx2. i was stopped on gravois, waiting for a car to turn, when we heard the screach of tires behind us. it was wet, and zx2 guy slid and hit my bumper, not too hard, but hard enough that we had to pull to the side and check it out. sure enough, it pushed the bumper in a little. i called the cops, and we waited on the shoulder of gravois for a good 30 minutes. we all seemed fine, so hopefully we don't have whiplash later. the cop was nice, we got information exchanged, and went on to the movies anyway.

we picked 'the last mimzy' which seemed sort of hokey but ended up being very cool. the kids loved it, and the beautiful mrs k and i liked it. poops slept the whole movie, and woke up in a fabulous mood!

give and take, yin and yang. no day is without drama, huh?

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