Wednesday, April 04, 2007

well, it WAS 85 degrees

monday was perhaps the best weather day of 2007 thus far. not too windy, 85 degrees, low humidity. so peanut and i hit the road after work on monday. but, peanut had been riding a while when i got off.

for some reason, he had ridden a good 3 hours before he met me. i guess it's all that bike racer training stuff, right? so, he begged mercy, but we had already talked about a new loop, and there wasn't any hiding on it. we ended up out at t and bassette. i won't go into the loop, because it's now our top secret training loop for peanut's assault on the state road race. it's that killer, i tell you.

when we finished, he had 5 hours, i had 2. luckily, lacie was kind enough to pick up the poor guy, and get smoothies for us to boot.

if it wasn't for the women in our lives, what the heck would we do??

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