Sunday, April 22, 2007


i finally got peanut to go mountain biking with me friday night. he even bought shoes to go with me, but that really isn't saying much. his other nickname is gold card, after all.

i took him to the 'wood because i figured it has just about everything, even easy trails. he took right to it. he kept giving me the old story about being scared, blah blah. he was hopping logs along with the best of them.

we saw a lot of familiar faces out there. castlewood is the universal mountain bike playground, or umbp. up the love, "hey there!" down the roller coaster, "long time no see!" peanut thought i was some kind of celebrity. i guess if you hang around castlewood long enough, you'll make a name for yourself.

i'm very glad to say i've recruited another road rider for off-roading.

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