Sunday, April 08, 2007


i've always grown up with the adage that easter is sometimes the coldest day of the year. my mom used to say that. it's not really the coldest, but it is frequently quite cold and, having had a taste of the spring, it always feels bitter.

yesterday, i was going to go mountain biking, but lost my motivation because of the cold. instead, i worked in the back yard for 3 hours clearing the branches, limbs, and sticks that fell over the winter. i had to break out the electric chainsaw. the emotional highs and lows while clearing tree-fallen debris are bipolar. there is the high of grabing a handfull of sticks and doing my best superman imiation and snapping them in my bare hands. grrrr! then there is the low of having a stray branch whack my cold, dry cheek and screaming like a girl. today, i am sore, like i've been lifting weights. 13 bags of yard waste will do that to you.

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