Friday, April 20, 2007

Cobra time!

that's me in the passenger seat of John's cobra replica. John has to be one of the most pleasant guys I know. over the winter, he mentioned to me that he knew i was a car guy, and that he'd like to take me for a ride in his cobra.

well, today that came true. out of the blue, he came by and told me to get in. he also told me to watch my leg because a guy could get a good burn from those nasty sidepipes.

this thing loped like a true race car...maybe even a true drag car. glug-glug-glug, only rapid fire, not lazy. there is a stretched 351 cleveland under the hood, and true to cleveland lore, it flounders a little off idle and comes alive mid-rpm and becomes a raging monster at the top end. holy fords, batman. i wish we had more open road to let down it's hair. the thing tracked like a racecar, too.

everyone should take a ride in one someday. it's worth it just for the soundtrack. thanks john!

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