Thursday, April 19, 2007

riding, man, riding

i did ride to work on monday, and i was hurtin'. i have no idea why. it was just hard. not fun. and it wasn't any fun riding home, either. but i got my 50 miles in, right?

so tuesday morn, i grabbed the homegrown and met deanna out on the road. she was out the door early and she had to get to work before me. i met her out on the grant's trail and rode home with her. i was still hurtin'. feelin' no good. i was thinking i would spin out my legs and exorcise the slowness in them, but nope.

wednesday i dragged the road bike to work in the back of the cobalt so i could ride with peanut after work. it was a fine day to ride, even if the wind was a bit strong. we wanted to try the bassett loop on for size, this time with a lot more anger. straight away, we were flyin'. i was climbing pretty well and feeling very little pain. peanut kept coming back for more, and that just made me go harder. i don't remember a recent ride where i had this much fun. we were hittin' it all the way to the end, and spun out an extra 15 minutes just because. nothing more fun than a hard ride with a friend.

friday, i hope to do a little off-roadin' at the wood.

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