Wednesday, April 04, 2007

my next wagon

the ford flex is the next attempt by the automaker to shake off the failures of it's minivans and get to the heart of what americans want...stylish, fuel-friendly people movers. i own the previous attempt, the freestyle. i have to say, the freestyle is everything we need as a family, but i am smitten by the styling of the flex. maybe when the payments are up on the family truckster, we can check one of these things out. it's going to have the now-ubiquitous corporate 265 hp 3.5 v6, which is reported to get the same milage as my car. more power, better mileage, cooler looking, what's not to like?

to be fair, i kind of like the looks of my wagon. reminds me of an explorer without the pretence of off-roading. and i keep getting better gas milage. the last tank was 22.5mpg, and that was with the full weekend of schlepping the kids around. i feel a bit goofy, but i really like it a lot, even though it isn't the least bit sporty. i guess when something fits, it fits.

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