Friday, April 27, 2007

riding with my sweetie

thursday morning the beautiful mrs k and i, after shuttling the kids off to grandma's and to school, took off on our bikes together. she took off, i followed. i was pretty much toast from riding with peanut the night before. if deanna hadn't wanted to ride, i would've just done housework.

i'm glad we got out. we rode to carondolet park, around the race course a couple of times, and came back. she seemed to move along quite well, i guess her working out and running is paying off. i followed her a lot, because i just couldn't muster the strength to pedal hard. sometimes i just let her go and she would look back in surprise. i kept muttering to myself that i was 40 and she was 30 so there's no reason to be surprised that sometimes i'm slow and cranky and she is pedaling furiously and she's in a good mood and she keeps talking while all i want to to is lay down by the side of the road and let the sun warm my face and forget all this exercise crap and get fat and lazy but then she speeds up again and i can't believe that i don't want to chase her down it must be my age again or maybe it's the ding dongs and i swore i would never drive a station wagon....

but i was glad we went.

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