Sunday, April 29, 2007

family bike rides and yard sales

myself, deanna, hanna, tyson, and elijah in tow went for a bike ride. we wanted to go catch my buddy schvonzie tear up the 1/2 race at carondolet. it was a fabulous day for a ride, although a bit windy. the kids are good bike riders, and there is bike path all the way from our house to the park. eli was much happier than he has been in the trailer, with no real complaining going on.

we were greeted by tons of friends at the race. not just friends of mine, but people who welcome our little family and consider us friends. it's so nice, and i appreciate everyone who takes a moment to ask how we are, how the kids are doing, and generally care about us.

we watched the 1/2 race and cheered on the guys. there were some promising breaks, some good chases, and an exciting finish by a young guy that my friend dan is coaching.

we headed home and as usual tyson and hanna got into some impromtu races. they get going pretty fast. the last race, pretty close to home, ended badly. hanna did a yard sale on the concrete path and got a fair amount of road rash. it was the worst crash i have seen any of the kids have, and tyson has had some bad ones. she brushed it off really well, and we continued home. after a little soaking in the tub, a little neosporin, a few band aids, and some lovin', she was in ship shape.

she is one tough girl. i would still be crying. i guess all she has from me is my good looks.....

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