Monday, April 23, 2007

sweet riding weather

i've been trying to use monday's as ride to work days. this morning at 7:30am, my outside temp gauge read 68 degrees. if that's not ride-to-work weather, i don't know what is.

i didn't feel particularly well today. i didn't sleep well, and i was just in a fowl mood. that's a shame, because in spite of a strong head wind it was still a nice ride. i got called an a-hole by some guy. good for him. he was getting his anger out. good for him, too, that he didn't act on it, because today seemed like a good day for ME to get MY anger out. maybe on him.

my foul mood continued at work. nothing wrong, just foul. at the very least, my beautiful wife cheered me up just by being there. she has done a phenominal job of arranging boxes of cool new spring clothes. what was once a disaster area of tops and shorts and t-shirts and hats is now a very nice display.

my ride home was much better. no angry motorists. a heavenly tail wind. great weather. if i had felt any better, i may have ridden until dark.

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