Thursday, April 19, 2007

where in the world?

my friend dan b used to have a nice little blog called bike drool. it was really cool. he always had cool photos and stories and he traveled a bit and shared it all with us, his fearless readers. as a matter of fact, his blog is why i started this little diary of mine.

over time, he posted less and less. then, he changed his blog name to resident alien, and pretty much quit updating it. i miss it. it was a nice place to go each day.

is that what happens to most blogs? people initially have enthusiasm, then lose interest? maybe they run out of ideas. maybe they don't have the time anymore. (i know this has slowed my posting quite a bit) maybe they just don't feel like telling other people what they do and think anymore.

i used to visit schvonzie's blog, dan b's blog, and luke's blog pretty much every morning while i ate breakfast and woke up. i wonder what they're all up to now?


Daniel B. said...

I guess slow cycling leads to slow blogging? They might be synonymous, but Lord I hope not.

Still cycling; not racing. But I may or may not be in the midst of secret ninja training in preparation for a little race in the back hills of Rolla, Mizzur-uh! But that can neither be confirmed or denied.

The blog sucks. Bike drool was the shizzy... Resident Alien needs it's green card revoked for basic lack of all things decent.

Have you checked Schvonzie's blog lately?? He has been blogging with new found regularity; I personally find his enthusiasm for it disconcerting.

It's certainly not that I don't feel like telling other people what I do or think anymore. Which, by the way, would bore even the most bored person. I will take this moment to say that Luke M. needs to post something new, as I'm growing tired of looking at the green C'dale Liquagas frame.

In response to your post, I will go over to my sad little blog and post something new today... but I cannot promise it will be anything good, or even remotely interesting.


P.P.S. apologies over a missed surprise b-day party - I was hacking up a lung and drinking orange juice by the gallon.

Schvonzie said...

My blog is the shit, not shit. I even get responses from other people besides my imediate family.