Thursday, April 26, 2007

wicked wednesdays

the beautiful mrs k and i drove to work together on wednesday. the plan was: i would ride after work, she would run, all good, drive home together. it was nice to plan the day together like that.

after a busy day, peanut and i got ready to rumble. i didn't feel so hot. elijah had kept me and the mrs up a lot, and my bad mood was yet to subside. deanna forgot her running shoes, too. ah, what the heck? her shoes were old anyway, so if she bought some shoes down the street at fleet feet, and then ran 2-3 miles, she would still get done before peanut and i got done riding. problem solved, everyone happy.

the new zipp 303 tubulars that peanut rushed to glue up before the ride weren't helping him much. he was having a bad start, and despite my sluggish day, i was coming around very well. as a matter of fact, i was feeling a little like the old tim. i coaxed him along, and even though he kept saying he was dying, and that his new carbon wheels must be flat, we ended up going very well indeed. we did our bassette loop backward, pounding the hills. peanut even attacked me up melrose at the intersection with ossenfort. not bad for feeling bad, i say. we even had enough juice to do his required intervals for the day, 5x1 minute on-off, 2 sets. wow! we were flying.

if they turned out like this more often, i wouldn't mind having bad days.

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