Sunday, April 22, 2007

this ride's for elijah

we were both sort of beat sunday morning, so getting out for a hammer fest on bikes wasn't in the cards. little eli needed to get out of the house, too. so we jammed him into the trailer and headed out. we rolled down the river des peres trail, and over into st.louis hills and into willmore park.
once there, elijah proved that no digital camera can catch how much fun he was having. the photos just never caught him laughing, and he was doing a lot of that. didn't i tell you this circus was full of bad photography?

and as much fun as he was having going down the slides, he still looks like he was unhappy. not true. the beautiful mrs k and i were cracking up at his little laugh. he loves the slide!
deanna got out on her bike for a while after we got home and ate lunch. she has been on quite a roll with working out. it has been a frustrating year for her athletically, too. life has just gotten in the way. i kind of tricked her into doing the mtn bike biathlon at lost valley with me as a team in may. i'm going to have to rush her into doing a 10k off-road run for the event, but it's not serious because we aren't in it to win. i thought it would be a great thing for us to do together.

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