Sunday, April 29, 2007


when asked where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner, tyson said applebee's. not my favorite place, but they do have some good stuff there. he likes the mac and cheese, and he got to watch the baseball game on tv, too.

i didn't complain about the mozzarella cheese sticks that had a rubber-like substance inside. or the pasta that tasted more like lipton instant pasta meals. it was his birthday, after all, so my complaints would've just been rude. and deanna seemed to like her steak pretty well. and hey, they came over to sing happy birthday to tyson, and gave him ice cream! even applebee's ain't so bad with ice cream.

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Ted M. said...

My girls love to got to Applebee's also - I deal with it by getting the tilapia or steak portobello. Healthy fare that actually tastes pretty good.