Monday, April 30, 2007

forest park and stuff

we took the whole fam damily to the fo po crit on sunday to watch peanut tear it up with the cat 4's. it was a glorious day, and it was a great excuse to get away from the house and get crabby eli into a better mood. he slept all the way to the crit, which was a good start.

peanut wasn't in good spirits when we arrived. the beautiful mrs k and i tried our best to cheer him up, but he just didn't seem too excited about the crit. he's been complaining about some muscle soreness, and he hasn't taken my streching advice. i take that back, he's streched once. once.

we saw tons of people that we knew, just like the day before at carondolet. we stopped and talked to mike w for a while, who was pretty pleased with how the races had been going. robert edwards, a triathlete i've known for many years, was also there cheering on his 16 year old son in the juniors...funny, i remember when he was born! the whole shark crew was there, including ben, kenny g, kevin eubanks, farrrrrelllll browneeee, you name it.

we sat down with mrs peanut and her mom and dad. her dad had a cowbell and would ring it with authority whenever the field sped by. the kids turned their energy that they usually reserve for good ol' dad toward peanut. he even came by 100 meters ahead of the field one lap, just to prove he heard the cowbell (and the kids). after a couple of hotdogs and sodas from les hanks' bistro, we were ready for the final lap. peanut wasn't in the sprint, but he did a lot better than he thought. he said we helped him along with our cheering. i told him that having a cheering section is the secret to a successful racing career, and he and mrs peanut should begin having kids as soon as possible. lots of them.

what? it's true. really. i'm not kidding.

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Pigpen said...

I've always been slightly jealous of your cheering section at the tuesday nights and cross races. Their enthusiasm and excitement makes me foreget the pain of the race.