Monday, April 02, 2007

murphy's law

friday, i rode to work, the third time for the week. i was proud of that. i was also acutely aware that there was a good chance of getting rained on.

i made it to clayton and 270, my half-way point, when there was a crash of thunder. no big deal, 45 minutes to go, i can make it. i got just past baxter, maybe 100 yards past, in the midst of clayton construction, when it began to pour. the rain mixed with the construction mess to make a slurry of mud, concrete, rock, sand, and god-knows-what. i was happy to make it to kehrs mill, until the fast downhill, where the rain turned to hard falling rocks and pelted me relentlessly. ouch. ouch. ouch. then came the angry motorist who didn't think 30+ was fast enough, so took the dangerous way around me, in the downpour, on a blind curve. nice, fat guy in an escalade, real nice.

dried out and happy, i cleaned my bike a bit before heading home. and again, it rained on me just as i turned off kehrs mill onto clayton. almost like a bermuda triangle of construction, rain, and pissed off drivers, it was a harrowing experience...then the rain stopped for the remainder of the ride.

i don't guess i'll take that section of clayton again. i know when i'm licked.

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