Sunday, April 22, 2007

trivia, anyone?

saturday night was the annual trivia night at our church. mrs k literally dragged me to the first one a couple of years ago, and i've been hooked ever since.

this time, we dragged peanut and his wife lacie along with us. he was skeptical, of course. he was worried that the church might cave in on him, but i told him that since they were with us, they might be spared. grandpa and uncle keith were our cohorts, too, as well as another couple who's names escape me.

we started off pretty much in dead last. never fear. we had 9 more rounds to go, and we had plenty of cookies, crackers, chips, salsa, humus, and peanut m&m's from grandma z to help us through.

as expected, peanut and his bride had a good time. it's hard not to have fun. plus, the people at church are so nice that even coming in 8th place (out of 18?) was great. as a bonus, the trivia questions usually bring out knowledge that, however useless, you didn't even know you possessed!

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Grandpa said...

Glad that you made this entry or I would not have been able to corrolate the references to "Peanut" to your friend and his wife that I had the pleasure to meet at Trivia Night. Gald to hear that they had some fun.