Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Zipp cranks

These came to the store yesterday. I'm a crank fan. I like cool cranks. I'm always looking out for the newest cool crank, or checking out other people's bikes to see what they have.

My all time faves are:
8 speed Dura-Ace. Such beautiful sculpting, low-profile at it's best
First generation XTR. Again, beautiful sculpting.
CODA Tarantula cranks. I know, they rarely lasted, but mine did and I loved them in black 2x9.
Race Face Turbine, square taper or ISIS. I still have a pair of each.

These Zipp's are pretty close to making the list. Cost be damned, they are super light, low profile, have gorgeous chainrings, and come with an ultra-smooth Zipp ISIS bb. There aren't many cranks lighter. (egads, my weight weenie side is showing again!!)

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