Thursday, January 18, 2007

guess i'm gettin' old

well, the last of the hot rod parts came off of the mustang this morning. it only took 55 minutes to remove the exhaust that i had put on less than 3 weeks ago. last week, i took off the throttle body and plenum. and, i never even installed the gears. most of the stuff is already sold to the locals from

so what happened?

i can't stand the cramped car anymore. i can't stand the noise. i can't stand the buckboard ride. i need better milage, and even though it averages 20mpg, that's not enough. it just isn't any fun anymore.

when the top was down, all of that went away. the problems were still there, but having the top down just made them unimportant. now that the top is up full-time, and probably will be for another 3 months, the fun isn't worth the pain.

i'm getting old, i'm getting practical, i'm getting soft. whatever. these things wouldn't be so bothersome if the car was a weekend car, or a third car for the family. but getting pooper in and out with the car seat, or shoving hanna and tyson in the back, is just torture.

so what will it be? a station wagon? an suv? nah. i still have to have something with a sporting bone in it's body. but it has to be an automatic. it has to be relatively quiet. it has to have a good ride....and we KNOW it won't be a honda or a toyota, don't we?

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