Monday, January 15, 2007

all trainer, all the time

not being the type of guy that goes out no matter what the weather, i spent my riding time this weekend on the trainer. saturday i repeated a power workout that dan and i have talked about and again it hurts the decrepit left knee. it's so hard for me to go outside the normal 75-110rpm range. any lower or higher and it hurts the knee. mostly lower cadence with higher gears...ouch.

i'll talk to dan and find out alternatives.

sunday was the same ol' indoor extravaganza. this time, i was watching a football game which, ironically, didn't make the time go by any faster at all. it didn't help that i was just doing a "ride" with no purpose but to keep the heartrate up. it didn't help that the bears and the other team, which escapes me, were playing pretty poor football. maybe they were playing really good football, and that's why neither team could get much done.

an hour of that was all i could stands, i couldn't stands no more!

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