Sunday, January 07, 2007

night at the movies

we took the whole fam damily to the movies last night. we started out trying to see happy feet, but it just wasn't showing at a convenient time. the next choice was 'night at the museum' with all kinds of stars in it. ben stiller was hillarious, of course, but so was dick van dyke and robin williams. we laughed out loud quite a few times. poops slept through the last half of the movie, but was up half the night. go figure. hanna had been to see it already, so she kept warning me of the scary parts coming up. tyson drank a large sierra mist by himself, and took the requisite number of pottie brakes. ah, family night at the movies.
speaking of movies, over the christmas break the beautiful mrs k and i caught a funny one, bruce almighty, with jim carey. not only was it funny, it had a powerful message. no, not that being God can be fun....i'm sure it can be....the scene where bruce finally just gives in and tells God that he only wants the love of his life to be happy, with him or without him. i'm guessing that it must be an epiphany that many guys get hit with at some point in their lives. i'm rarely disappointed by jim carey movies, and this was one of my favorites, right along with ace ventura.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, but, that fusion has alredy lost half of its value the minute it rolls off the lot, in comparison to the honda with recalls.

be a patriot and loose your ass in a couple of years.