Friday, January 12, 2007

mountain biking

i was able to get out on the mountain bike one last time before this crazy freezing rain stuff came along. thursday morning i loaded up the impossibly small mustang with all my cycling stuff and drove out to lost valley.

i parked at the lot just past the mound. johan told me that this was a good way to jump straight into the trail rather than parking at the traditional lost valley parking lot and having to ride all the boring gravel trails. right out of the parking lot, it's only 50 yards to the steep downhill into the lost valley trail. at the bottom, it meets the regular trail and i was in business.

there was some soft stuff...well really, everything was soft but there was minimal mud. the technical single track stuff was stellar. i made it a point to mainly ride the fun stuff back and forth, but i did hit the center gravel road so i could climb. and of course, getting back to the car meant climbing the super steep section that dropped me into the trail, so that was good.

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