Sunday, January 21, 2007

thanks, todd!

my old friend todd came through for our little circus by getting us tickets for the seasame street show down at the savis center. (is it still called the savis center?)

at first, hanna and tyson were convinced that seasame street was too young for them. so we told them that it was for pooper. wouldn't you know, they ended up enjoying it, a LOT!

poops was awestruck. his eyes were wide open, and he was checking out everything....the show, the other kids, the stadium. he and mommy were jammin' to the music and the beat. i really think that deanna enjoyed it just as much as poops. the older kids? yeah, they were rockin' along, and they were really jazzed when burt was dancing to the hustle. guess it didn't turn out to be too young after all.

how bad can a show be when we leave with blue tongues??

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