Wednesday, January 03, 2007

not a carpenter, but i can pretend

after sitting in some kind of time warp traffic jam on 270 this morning, i finally made it to work....late. ug. i hate being late. and i hate it more when i'm in dead stop traffic in the mustang, being a manual transmission and all....ease out clutch, brake. repeat. repeat. repeat. leg hurts. get the picture.

i brought along my trusty circular saw so i could finally make the tire racks i've been thinking about for months. gold card and i had gotten the wood for the project last week, and it was time to act. of course, i hit myself in the eye with a block of wood, and naturally that didn't feel good. i'm not particularly proud of it, but i usually hurt myself in some kind of way when i embark upon a project. on the plus side, the tire racks work well and only cost $9 in wood.

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