Thursday, January 04, 2007

ridiculous orbea

this is anthony's bike. he threw the bora ultra's on the bike to compliment the rest of the record hardware on this beautiful orca. it sports a zipp stem and bar, look keo cro-mo pedals, slr saddle, and the rest is record. i don't call him gold card for nothing.
yep, that says 14.85lbs. that's the lightest roadbike i have ever personally witnessed. and, oh yes, that's WITH bottle cages! it has room to lose weight, too.


Ted M. said...

Gorgous bike!!!

I might have trouble keeping up with that thing on Mondays in St. Charles.

The Rok said...

Whoa, sweet ride.

TK said...

yeah, the kid's even got a coach now. there's no stoppin' him!