Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another view of Tuesday's 'berg ride

As told by my father-in-law:

Reading from the mapping with its 10 foot contours, the main part of Allenton is at elevation 510. The first hill on Wengler rises to 587 that drops to 465 at the intersection with Horneker. Horneker rises slowly to 480 before it starts the steep climb up 580 at the intersection with Sheerin. Highs and lows along Sheerin are 580, 520, 560, 450, and then 430 at the river. The first part of Hunter Ford goes from 430 up to 500 then climbs to 770 before it decends back to 550 in Allenton.

I attached the view from the air.

Dad Zim

Cool! I love this stuff. I love to check out on a map where some of our favorite rides go, the elevations and the positioning of the roads and intersections.

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