Tuesday, January 09, 2007

new kits

we got the new ghisallo team kits in last week. none too soon, i might add. i've been riding with gold card's medium jersey...does the word corset bring any visuals up? the new stuff is killer looking hincapie custom. you won't be able to miss me, no matter how far back in the pack i am, when i'm rollin' in the bumble bee kit!


Patrick said...

What, no pics? Mind you, the pix certainly can be the clothes without someone wearing them, thank you very much! ;)

As to the Pokey Little Puppy reference in an earlier post, whenever I read that one, I always have a huuuuuge craving for chocolate pudding afterward! ;)

TK said...

ha! i knew this was coming. maybe i'll just lay it out on the floor and take a pic. it's cool!

pokey was a greedy little mutt, wasn't he?