Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a station wagon for me

this is a precursor to the new dodge magnum wagon, in srt-8, 6.1 hemi form. it's a mild update to the current magnum, but i think it addresses a couple of the styling miscues from the current model, such as the nose and the interior.

i test drove a plebian magnum before buying the mustang...a 3.5 v6. what the hell i was doing behind the wheel of a v6 station wagon, i don't know. i must say i was impressed with the power, but i felt like i was driving a car meant for my dad. the dark, drab interior did nothing to excite me, and it didn't help that it was refrigerator white. so i dismissed it and went on to buy the convertible.

i should have driven a 5.7 hemi version of the magnum. on second thought, maybe it's best that i didn't. i would've tired of that old man's interior. this way, when i test drive a new one with a hemi AND the newer, cooler interior, i can make an informed decision. and, i'm pretty sure i could talk the kaiser into helping me out once i dive under the hood of one...right marty??

i don't think there is an 6.1 srt-8 in my future though. a standard issue 5.7 hemi will probably suit me juuuuuust fine.

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