Saturday, January 27, 2007

not a great ride

this morning, at least for me. 12 or 13 people showed. it was windy and quite cold, but tolerable in the group.

i don't like to just sit in, ever, so shawn o'neal and i pretty much rode at the front and pushed a bit. we got the stink eye from GC, so we slowed down, only to pick it back up again. i hit the hills hard, but once we started the gravy train on the way back, i was toast. i hung on in the final five until we turned onto centaur and threw in the towel. i hate to just give in like that, but i wasn't feeling good from the get-go.

maybe i hit the hills too hard on tuesday and thrusday. maybe it's just an off day. definately feel like i'm 40 today, 52 days short of my birthday.

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