Saturday, January 20, 2007

trainer ride

having the kids and a full plate of activities planned for them, i had little time to ride today. of course, that had to be on the trainer.

i still have possesion of dan's powertap, and have been using that in conjunction with my hrm. information overload is my middle name these days. i warmed up for 20 minutes, then hit some 3 minute intervals. they weren't all that. i started the first one trying to maintain 350-360 watts, and that was hard. my heart rate climbed into the 170's, and that wasn't the name of the game today. the second 3 minute interval, i targeted 330-350 watts, and that worked. (i have to give myself the 20 watt spread because the powertap is so sensitive that it's too hard to have a smaller window.) the third 3 minute was the same, but for some reason i climbed up to 350 and held it for the duration, albeit at 175 or so. i topped those off with some 20-on, 40-off intervals at 525 watts at 120rpms. 5 of those, and it was to the showers.

there was lots more to be had in terms of output, but i see no reason to put forth that much effort right now. i would love to be able to put in 3-4 hours, but my limit on the trainer is only 75 minutes, and the weather is not cooperating.

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