Monday, January 08, 2007

just a reminder

Toyota deal: Here comes the sludge judge

by Mark Rechtin

Automotive News / January 8, 2007 - 1:00 am

"Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. has quietly settled a class-action lawsuit that covers about 3.5 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles that may have been damaged by engine oil sludge."

"This settlement breathes life into claims that have been dead for years," said Gary Gambel, a lawyer for plaintiffs who sued Toyota.

"Toyotas at risk:About 3.3 million Toyota vehicles are susceptible to oil sludge, which can cause thousands of dollars in damage and require replacement of the engine. Here are the vehicles included in the settlement.

Camry 4 cyl. 1997-2001
Camry 6 cyl. 1997-2002
Camry Solara 4 cyl. 1999-2001
Camry Solara 6 cyl. 1999-2002
Sienna 6 cyl. 1998-2002
Avalon 6 cyl. 1997-2002
Celica 4 cyl. 1997-1999
Highlander 6 cyl. 2001-2002
Lexus ES 300 1997-2002
Lexus RX 300 1999-2002"

i frequently have to remind people that all cars have issues and that the old idea that imports are superior to us-branded cars is just old, outdated idea.

it seems that there is a reverse patriotism when it comes to products made here in the united states.

sometimes it takes reminding that some of our own relatives work at us auto facilities and that many, many of americans depend on the auto industry for their living. knowing this, i think we need to look past the hype of anything foreign made and realize that just repeating a mantra like "foreign cars good, american cars bad" is quite self-destructive.

need more reminding?

1. toyota leads the auto industry in recalls for 2006.
2. toyota quietly avoids recalls by calling them service bulletins...add service bulletins to recalls and suddenly it looks like toyota is the worst brand on the market.
3. honda has an issue with CR-V's catching fire due to a faulty oil filter design, but denies the problem and blames mechanics who change the oil. CR-V flambe, anyone?
4. honda has an issue with automatic transmissions failing, even in it's luxury branded acura's, yet continues to use the same transmission year after year.
5. the honda odessey minivan has had 11 recalls in it's lifetme.
6. the newly launched honda civic has had 3 major recalls in it's fist year. by comparison, the ford fusion has had NONE.

remember these things the next time you get into a discussion about what car to buy next. it's better to be well informed with the truth about the auto industry rather than parrot a tired, out of date idea.


dms said...

I will agree with a few exceptions. Small trucks being the biggest. For the most part unless your talking about F250s and bigger I would take a Toyota or Nissan well before a ford, gmc, or chevy.

TK said...

ford ranger. nuff said.

dms said...

"ford ranger. nuff said."

I hope you mean that you agree with me. Maybe its just the three guys I know out here that had them but they were all heaps.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but, that fusion has alredy lost half of its value the minute it rolls off the lot, in comparison to the honda with recalls.

be a patriot and loose your ass in a couple of years.

TK said...

hey anonymous...this is my blog, so i can delete you if i want. why don't you just say who you are so we can debate your worthless opinion?