Monday, January 15, 2007

getting totally buff

deanna and i worked out together on saturday. we have a membership at the heights for the whole family, but we never go together. as luck would have it, our babysitter could start early enough in the afternoon that we were thinking of bike riding before date night...but the rain and cold put the kaibosh on that. so we went to the gym.

it was actually crowded. i didn't think there would be many people there on a saturday, but then again, i've never been on saturday. deanna and i did some things together, then she went to the cardio machines. i don't really need that kind of cardio, so i just kept with the weights. i've been growning stronger, albeit slowly since i average 1.5 workouts a week. deanna gets to the gym twice a week, and has a really good grip on the exercises that work best for her. getting to ride with me is all extra for her.

i haven't done bench presses in years, but since deanna was going to be a little while, i said what the heck. 100lbs. isn't much, so i started with that. pretty easy. then, 135lbs. that seemed better, and looked better on the bar, since that's a big plate on each side. resisting the urge to look like a real man, i added two more 10's and at 155, it felt heavy. i did 8-8-5 for reps. hmmm, no shoulder pain. looks like i can add the bench to my workout.

but no max attempts. that would be so 80's.

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Schvonzie said...

Which way to the weight room?