Monday, January 08, 2007

weekend rides

i was able to get on the bike for about 30 miles on saturday. i was super-psyched to get outside so i could try out the power tap. i did the tapawingo loop, with an added loop through the golf course itself. that was a fair amount of climbing. since deanna got out on her bike before i did, i knew i was going to have to finish up in the dark.

my handlebars resembled some kind of control center. i had a cateye LED light, a power tap, and a polar hrm. what's amazing about the power tap is how little i really know about power output. it's crazy to be pedaling so softly, yet see 150 watts...conversely, it's odd to look down while really hammering and only see 275, or to pedal briskly out of a corner and see 600! i'm learning as i go along, and i hope i can get the hang of it and use the information for some good gains.

all said and done, i averaged 239 watts at 156 average heart rate. is that good? bad? i'll find out.

sunday was a trainer only day. i wanted to go easier than saturday, but still get a worthwhile ride in. i lasted an hour, which is all i can stand indoors. much more mild...199 average watts at 136 bpm.


Anonymous said...


Hey it is Dan Tille here. Love the blog. It is quite enjoyable. Have you done a power test or anything yet?

TK said...

no, but i'm going to do a lot before dan makes me give it back to him!

thanks for writing, hope you're doing well.