Thursday, January 11, 2007

the ups and downs of daily life

random shot of cute toddler

after taking out a second mortgage to have all three dogs groomed and shots for rocky, we were hit with another financially devastating vet bill for rudy's teeth. rudy loves to eat and loves to sleep, but he doesn't enjoy chewing so much. chewing is one of those things that helps keep a dog's teeth healthy. so it didn't come as too much of a surprise that rudy needed serious dental work. after president bush agreed to a kakouris family bailout, we were able to pay for two teeth to be extracted as well as antibiotics for the little butter ball. he's home and happy now, having participated in the hijacking of a loaf of bunny bread from the counter.

the beautiful mrs k has been on "vacation" this week. no, she didn't fly off to any exotic land to get away from the circus, but she has been working out, getting messages, manicures, pedicures, and shopping at target. in other word's, heaven on earth.

tyson and elijah both had doctor visits this week. elijah had a general checkup, and tyson had another glowing review from his dentist. tyson has a bit of ocd when it comes to his teeth. we took he and hanna to a little show at the zoo last winter, one that featured the tooth guy and all of his wacky, obsessive-compulsive tooth cleaning procedures. tyson has taken that stuff to a new level, and we usually have to physically halt him from brushing his teeth into a fine powder in the bathroom sink. clean teeth, though.

hanna got her report card this week, and it's very good once again. very soon, we will start applying to grad schools and masters programs. ok, soon, not very soon. she will need to enroll in clutter control classes to ensure she will actually make it to college age.

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