Sunday, January 14, 2007

new brakes

when i put mrs k's new OIZ together, i used most of the parts from the rush, including the hope mono mini disc brakes.

i love the hope's. they have such a nice lever feel and look so trick. but i must say they require a LOT of love when setting them up. i got a little spoiled by the avid ulitmates that i put on my own OIZ. so, i ebayed the hope brakes (why did an english guy pay good money for brakes made in england from a guy in the US??) and bought some juicy 7's for her bike. now we share lots of things in common: frames, forks, sram shifting, avid brakes. my ultimates came with a 140mm rear rotor, her juicy's came with 160's, but that's a small detail. it's nice to have the commonality in our bikes so that at any given time it's only a short swap over to make a ride happen when disaster strikes.

the only thing is, the more i look at her '07, the more i like it. mine is an '06 with the orbea team colors. the blue on her bike (and the kaiser's) is just stunning. i'd have to say that she's lucky her's is a 17", or she may be a victim of a secret swap..."no honey, you're bike has ALWAYS been that color, really. MY BIKE has always been blue".........

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