Wednesday, January 31, 2007


MootoX 29'er
YBB...I think Tilford has sported one of these before.

Compact. Very racy, and nice looking with those deep dish wheels, don't you agree?

We were pretty happy today when we talked to the fine people at Moots cycles and worked out a plan to become a dealer. Lots of companies make titanium bikes, but this one has a place in my heart because during all the years I've been a mountian biker, they've remained true to form: fine, fine bikes, without the hype.

These days, they are still fairly hype-free, and they offer a bike for every type of riding, including custom versions of most everything as well. And, they still offer stems and seatposts, too.

Cheap, they are not. But if you have to have something that everyone else certainly doesn't have, Moots makes a fine machine.

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