Saturday, May 02, 2009

my friday

the highlight of friday was picking up my first born. she just looks so smart with glasses on, doesn't she? soon she will be out of the third grade. wow.
the it was on to the mesa concept store grand opening party. they did an amazing job of turning the place into a model of modern retailing. just a tremendous job.

lots of people were on hand for the event, and the merchandising was superbe. they had some great give aways, but of course i never win anything. the crowd stuck around for the raffles and great food, too.

eli was into mischief, of course. here, the little bike gets stuck on uneven ground and he's spinning his cranks and the rear wheel has no contact. he mentions that it's just like his trainer. bright kid, eh?

surprise! i actually won something in the raffle! an autographed quickstep jersey! our own olivia was on hand to do the raffle honors. somehow, i feel guilty, as an older couple who left early handed me their raffle tickets. see? i actually never win anything. only if i am given the winning tickets by someone else.

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