Monday, May 04, 2009

ford focus rs

could it be?
no. it's not coming to the u.s. for a while. if ever.
one can hope, can't one?


Anonymous said...

Three words. Subaru WRX STI. This car looks a lot like it. Made right next door in Indiana! And all wheel drive, so the tires don't burn off quite as fast. Front wheel drive on a 300hp car? Absurd!

Chris said...

I'm not a Ford guy at all but it certainly would be different. I wonder if that front suspension and LSD keep that power more in check? Obviously you'd have to know how to drive to really appreicate it.

I recall driving that red GTI/16 valve with just shy of 200hp in it and it sure made me smile.

Don't know if you ever saw Boog's classic Mini that he shoehorned a Suzuki Swift motor into and fitted it with a massive turbo? Impossible to NOT be in it all the time. Had to keep reinforcing the body and frame from cracks.