Wednesday, May 27, 2009

squeaked in more mtn biking

i didn't think the weather would hold out, but sunday i was able to shoot out to castlewood for another off road ride. that brings my weeks total to THREE! yahoo!

i woke up quite slowly, kids were still out in the country with kevin and katie. somehow, i came to my senses and realized that a mtn bike ride might just happen if i get out of bed and beat the rain. so i grabbed my stuff and phoned schvonzie on the way. i got in a warmup lap before he arrived and ran into none other than joe hill. he was still sporting the gold series homegrown limited like a fresh set of gold toofuses.

we bid goodbye to joe and had a nice mtn bike ride. it was nice because it was mellow. schvonzie hasn't been off-road much...i think the last time was when we road with pat collier in tuscon...february 2008. so that meant a 70% pace which was just what i needed. i have to say, i haven't had more fun on my mtn bike in quite a while. we committed to doing it again, although todays rain on top of rain makes that quite unlikely this week.

three times off road this week. what's the world coming to?

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