Saturday, May 09, 2009

weekends don't stop us

just a cute shot of the little princess.

the beautiful mrs k had to work this morning, so i was in charge of the boys. i tried to round them up quickly before they could do too much damage, but it was too late. but, i dragged them to the post office and to the grocery store and that seemed to be ok. it was a nice morning but i couldn't get them to play outside and it seemed like eli was particularly needy this morning. he's been really tired and crabby for the last few days.
every time i pick up the camera there is another self-portrait by tyson. some of them are good, some of them....

after a lot of work this morning, deanna and i were able to go for a ride for the first time in weeks and weeks. flannery, who is one of the kids favorite people, came over to babysit for a while. we rode into valley park and back, clocking right about 40 miles or so. i was trying to keep the hills moderate and the pace pleasurable, and it worked. mrs k was pleased and didn't cuss at me one time.
i'm a little surprised that i can't come up with one funny thing to say about eli walking around with a fuzzy, stuffed dump truck in his mouth, but i can't.

after our ride, we all went out to dinner. bandanna's is a favorite of ours. tyson gets ribs, eli loves the fried corn, and i just eat. i skipped lunch, sort of unintentionally, and was very hungry. afterwards, we drove flannery home and eli fell asleep in the car, so we toured south grand area and holly hills looking at the houses. now, of course, eli is wide awake and ready for a loooong night of complaining.

ah, saturdays....

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