Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1968 mustang

seeing vintage mustangs on the roads these days is getting more and more rare. let's face it, they are getting pretty old. good ones get squirrelled away so they can stay good, and bad ones are withering away.

i saw a 68 fastback today, like the one in the photo. different wheels, no hockey stripe. otherwise pretty close. it's 41 years old. that's a lot of time for steel and rubber and vinyl to last, especially exposed to the elements.

i don't think about classic cars much anymore. as they fade from the roads, they fade from the forefront of my mind. whenever i see one, though, it brings back the flood of memories for my own classics. and those memories are good and bad. i'm not too nostalgic over my old ponies, nor my old torino. if i never have to see another rusted floorboard again, it will be too soon.

but one can dream, right?


Anonymous said...

pics of you posing on the torino after a good bench press session are in order.


TK said...

egad, man, do you know what you are saying??

Anonymous said...

My first car was a '71 Torino GT - flame red, with yellow racing stripes, a 351 Cleveland... and rusted floorboards!

TK said...

rock on, ted! i tried many times to buy a 70-71 gt but ended up with a 68.