Wednesday, May 06, 2009

sylvan springs criterium, revisited

so while i said that i felt terrible and all that at sunday's crit, i now know why. i just downloaded my power file from the race. i know, i know, i'm a terrible technical athlete.
so sunday set a new hour power record for me, 292 watts. wow! and i finished so far back. that just goes to show how hard i was working to stay in that race.
1. the race was not slow. we averaged 25.2 mph.
2. i was working very hard. my average was 292w, but my average from 30 to 60 minutes was 296!
3. i was working too hard for my performance in the race. hard work and no results means there is something going wrong.
certainly, my poor cornering in the rain contributed to my extra work load. every time i would eek through the corner, i would have to ramp up the power until the downhill again to stay in contact. that's a long interval every lap.
a power meter does not show you how good you are. it shows how bad some aspects of your riding can be. in this case, my reluctance to hit one corner in the race.

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