Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tuesday is the day after monday

(i find all kinds of photos on the cameras. it has become my habit to put them up high so that they don't get dropped and batteries don't get run down. this is a masterpiece, however, taken on the saturday of the tour of st. louis. it seems my performance was so riveting that elijah took to photographing hay.)

today was an incredible day for pedalbrakepedal. i shipped out more stuff today than i ever have, and i'm still not quite done. and more orders came in tonight. i'm not on my way to the trump towers or anything, but it's nice.

tonight was another gut wrenching, face distorting, leg burning night at the tuesday night worlds. it was windy again and the attacks never stopped. really, the strong guys just seemed to take pleasure in getting on the front and going mach 5. i surprised myself by bridging up to what seemed to be the winning break. it wasn't. but i was surprised, anyway. on the last lap i latched on to the sunset guys and thought i had second sewn up (justin motored away with 3 to go, i think) when fellow old guy kurt fletcher went by me like i had stopped to pee. third is ok. actually, third is great. even if it is just the tuesday night worlds.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Both the orders and the results. Third to Kurt Fletcher ain't bad...ain't bad at all.