Tuesday, May 05, 2009

tuesday night worlds for everyone!

i've done almost all of the tuesday night races this year. it's so convenient. i can get an hour warmup riding over to the course (not directly, of course) and then get in some quality bike riding for an hour.

mrs k, on the other hand, has never done one. really, she only rides a little bit anyway, and really she only rides DURING races, so the worlds are perfect. she made the race tonight, and promptly got into the fast group straight away. me and the guys on the sidelines were cracking up about it. she was 5th wheel for a couple of laps then got gapped off by a guy. she was pissed. but she soldiered on and probably hit 250bpm in the process.

she'll stay away from "the gapper" next tuesday. it's pretty fun to see her get so into this racing thing.


StephanieN said...

Thank God, I know the "gapper" is not me b/c I was firmly positioned at the back and nowhere near your beautiful Mrs. K!

TK said...

awww, steph, everyone knows that you're not the gapper!