Wednesday, May 13, 2009

weird weather days

it's not like i really had a chance to ride today, but it would've been tough to get out with the schizophrenic weather. sunny, cloudy, storming, sunny, storming, windy, calm...a little consistency never hurt anyone!!!!

i traveled the world over today (city, county, city, county) in search of: padded envelopes, a new tape gun, tape, boxes, a fedex/ups shipper, people handing over bikes and goods, and even had someone come to the house and drop off goods. my head is swimming.

for the first time, tonight i uploaded things to my webstore. deanna and hanna have done it all up until now, and i hadn't the foggiest idea how. but i was excited to get some of the rock racing stuff up, so i learned what i could until the beautiful mrs k came home to help. she was crabby, also having a very busy day, so i told her to go shoe shopping and then she felt better and helped me more. i've got a lot of it up, but i have more to go.

eli lost one of my best screwdrivers tonight. he was "fixing" the rack on the car with it one minute, and the next it was gone. tomorrow, i will find it stuck in my exhaust pipe. "hey, i ain't fallin' for no banana in the tailpipe trick."

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