Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend review

weekends are always busy when hanna visits. we usually pack in all that we possibly can, and plan even more.

saturday, the beautiful mrs k evicted us from the house so she could clean. so hanna, elijah, and i went for a bike ride. i put the little guy in the trailer and hanna mounted her bike and we got out of the lady's hair.

i might be a total sissy, but i did 40 miles in the hills on friday and it was 86 degrees. it was a bit grueling, since i hadn't done that sort of effort in that sort of heat yet. i'm saying i'm a sissy because i was downright cold on the family ride because it was 62 and really windy. hanna and eli were really enjoying it, though, so i forged ahead and we got in about 10 miles. hanna is such a good bike rider, and she hardly touches the thing.

later, mrs k left us for a bike ride, so again the kids accompanied me for a bike pick up. of course, by this time we had to have snacks. and later tyson joined us, so it was a full family affair. we even threw in a lowes visit for some killer shelves.

sunday was more house cleaning, although i didn't get sent outside. the kids helped deanna (well, eli actually made more messes, but that's another story) and earned a bit of allowance for that.

when all the kid stuff and adult responsibility subsided, i went for an hour bike ride.

i am so pro....

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