Friday, May 22, 2009

off roading

some how i managed to get to the trails twice this week. now, don't get too excited. it was only castlewood on monday and chubb yesterday.

but chubb is quite challenging at least. that place always amazes me, not to mention keeps me on my toes. i was pleased with the things i was able to clear (most everything, while rough, was ridable), and shocked by the things that caught me off guard. i had a good time doing an odd loop. i started at the west tyson shelter, climbed up over the top, down to the railroad tracks, back up to the picnic table and down flint quarry, taking the connector back up to west tyson. i did it three times and my forearms called it a day. really, my whole body called it quits. it was hot, i haven't really been off roading in a while, and i had work to do at home.

i'm committed to riding more off road. we'll see what sort of water that commitment holds.

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