Sunday, May 17, 2009

micky rooney

we all get a kick out of "night at the museum." it's such a hilarious movie, and personally i'm a fan of ben stiller.

one thing we all laugh at is the micky rooney character. he's a gruff little guy named gus and throughout the movie he's calling ben stiller's character all sorts of funny names. each time he addresses him with another. so as the family watched the movie again saturday night, we said that we'd all go by the names as our nicknames as we heard them. so, without further explanation:

eli: snackshack
tyson: lunchbox
hanna: hopscotch
me: butterscotch
deanna: hotdog
rosco: cupcake
rocky: hotshot

we laughed pretty hard about it and all day today we've been going by these nick names.

i took hopscotch home tonight, lunchbox went to bed at 8:30, snackshack ran around the house naked after his bath, cupcake stole some of my fried potatoes, hotshot did pretty much nothing, and hotdog gave me the weeks schedule tonight.

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